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Valerie Lawrence

Who We Are

  • The exchange group is limited to 12 members, one member for each month of the year (July through June).
  • Members may join during the year if any open months remain after the initial sign-up.
  • Each member commits to complete a block for another member every month for the full year, or for the remainder of the year if they join mid-year.

How It Works

  • Each month, one member of the group chooses a block pattern, provides instructions and some or all of the fabric to complete the block, and distributes them to the other 11 members of the group.
  • The other members each complete the block and return their completed block to the owner, who can then use the group’s completed blocks to create their quilt.
  • A different member distributes their block each month, so that by the end of the year, each member has received up to 11 blocks of the pattern and fabrics of their choice from the other members.

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