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80″ X 94″

Celebrating our local heritage and the way all colors can play so well together!

Opportunity Quilt Chair
Diane Slattery

Pattern Information
Inspired by Jessica Boschen’s “Inverted Star” block.

Pattern and Border Design/Fabric Selection
Donna Brooks, Jacque Edgett, Bonnie Sherr, Dianne Slattery.

Fabric Cutting/Kit Assembly
Cindy Allen, Donna Brooks, Kathy Callahan, Jacque Edgett, Bonnie Sherr, Dianne Slattery, Nancy Van Meter, Mary Pimentel Wheeler

Block Construction
Helen Anderson, Jennifer Church, Ellie Conley, Beate Dirska, Taryn Doidge, Birgit Knuth, Fran MacNamee, Audrey McInnerny, Doreen O’Brien, Sharyn Owens, Wanda Reyenga, Erica Riekki, Nancy Ritter, Kathy Rummel, Myrna Rutkas, Cathy Sargent, Margo Spack, Susan Swindell, Kathy Tedesco, Donna Weed, Mary Pimentel Wheeler, Shirley Wilson.

Donna Brooks, Jacque Edgett, Bonnie Sherr, Dianne Slattery.

Machine Quilting
Carmen Franklin

All colored fabrics were donated by guild members, along with some black and white prints. Remainder of black and white fabric purchased at Guild affiliate, Queen Bee’s in Antioch. Background fabric is “Scribbles” from Queen Bee’s. Backing fabric is “Confetti” by Patrick Lose, purchased at Queen Bee’s and online from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted

Raffle Winner
Daryl Harvey

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