Quilt Show News 2018

Saturday, April 7nd, 10 am to 5 pm & Sunday, April 8th, 10 am to 4 pm
Admission is $10 for the Weekend, $5 Youth 6-17, 5 & Under Free
Centre Concord 5298 Clayton Road, Concord, CA   Map Link   Public Transport

Tile Tango

Each April, the GQCCC hosts a quilt show at Centre Concord.  This is a major event for the guild and for our community.  2018 will be the 45th quilt show.  It is one of the largest shows in our vicinity and is the guild’s major fundraiser.

Highlights of our show include the display of over 150 beautiful quilts made by guild members, “Tile Tango,” Vendors, a Quilt Challenge, a Telephone Quilt Challenge, Demonstrations and topical lectures, GQCCC’s Country Store with Handmade Gifts, a youth treasure hunt and more.

Everyone in the guild is encouraged to participate with quilt entries, volunteer on the quilt show committee, assist with set-up or take-down, sell admissions tickets, white glove assistance with exhibited quilts or in many other ways needed at the show.  Guild members also participate with the Country Store, where the guild offers a variety of donated fabric, notions, books and member guild consignment items for sale.

Guests to the quilt show get to participate by choosing their favorite quilt in each of the Viewer’s Choice  categories.  The winners announced Sunday morning from Saturday’s votes and ribbons will be displayed all day Sunday for each category.  Another highlight on the second day of the show is the raffle selection of the winner of that year’s Opportunity Quilt. To participate  and display a quilt in the show, you must be a guild member.

Enter the Show – Forms & Instructions

This year, in addition to the overall Viewer’s Choice Award, we will have 17 Viewer’s Choice categories.  So whether you are a Hand Quilter, Machine Quilter or have Other Quilted Projects, this year there is sure to be a category for you! Full details for entering the 2017 Quilt Show can be found in the Entry Form below.  2017 Viewer’s Categories definitions are in both the Entry Form and the Viewers Choice Category definitions documents.

The Viewer’s Choice Categories are:

  • Hand Techniques: Hand Quilted, Hand Appliqué, Hand Embroidery and Two or More Hand Techniques
  • Machine Techniques: Machine Quilted, Machine Appliqué, Machine Two or More Techniques
  • Other: Kit Quilt/Item, Original Design, Modern, Miniature,  Adult First Quilt, Group Quilt (3 or more people), Wearable and Accessories, Home Use Item, All Other Techniques,  Fabric Telephone/Pass the Envelope Challenge

2017 Quilt Show Entry Form-1

GQCCC2017QuiltShowEntryFormFINAL-1-fillable      [sorry Apple Users this does not seem to work for you]

Definition of Categories for 2017 Quilt Show

Quilt Hanging Sleeve Instructions

Quilt Show Timeline

Monday, March x, 2018 –Deadline for Entry Forms and photos. Please note, due to the short time between the March Guild Meeting and the show, entries WILL NOT be accepted at the March Guild Meeting. Entry Forms may be hand delivered at the January and February Guild Meetings, and someone will be available at those meetings to take pictures of your quilt, even if it is not totally complete . However, quilt top or project must be “substantially” complete in order to have a photo taken. There is a $1.00 charge for each photo printed.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, and 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Quilt drop off at Farmhouse, 5554 Clayton Road, Concord CA

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm – Quilt drop off at Farmhouse, 5554 Clayton Road, Concord CA

Friday, April 6, 2018 – 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm – Setup at the Centre Concord

Saturday, April 7, 2018 – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm  – Quilt Show

Sunday, April 8, 2018 – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm  – Quilt Show

Sunday, April 8, 2018 – 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Pick up quilts at Centre Concord.

Quilt Show Entry Rules and Procedures

  1. You must be a member of GQCCC in order to enter a quilt.
  2. Only ONE (1) entry per entry form.
  3. Any GQCCC member can enter a quilt by submitting the entry form and a color photo of the entry. Photos should be clearly labeled with the exhibitor’s name and quilt size in inches (width by length: width measurement is the side to side measurement of the quilt, length measurement is the top to bottom measurement of the quilt).
  4. Exhibitors are limited to five (5) entries total per member.
  5. Viewer’s Choice award ribbons will be given to the Entrant, regardless of the individuals who participated in the making of the quilt (i.e. other members of a group, machine quilters, etc.)
  6. If too many quilts are entered for the show, the Guild reserves the right to exclude any entry from the show. If a quilt is excluded, the Guild will notify the member prior to the drop off date.
  7. All entry forms and photos must be received by March xx, 2017 in order to be entered into the show.
  8. ALL QUILTS (except miniatures) MUST HAVE A 4-INCH SLEEVE SEWN ON THE TOP OF THE BACK. Instructions for making a 4” sleeve can be found on the Guild’s website, under Quilt Show, Sleeve Directions (above).
  9. All entries must be complete, undamaged and clean; free of smoke, odor, and hair/fur; and constructed of fabric.
  10. All entries must have an official Quilt Show 2017 Entry Label (see Page 5) sewn on the lower right-hand corner of the back of the entry.
  11. Quilts must be constructed and quilted by person(s) named on the entry form as quilt maker and/or quilter.
  12. All quilts must be quilted.
  13. Entries displayed in previous GQCCC quilt shows are ineligible.
  14. Entries must be delivered to the Guild Farmhouse by 3:00 pm, Thursday March 30, 2017. See schedule for drop-off above, in the Quilt Show Timeline section.
  15. Entry must be available for the show from March 29 – April 2, 2017.
  16. In the event that a category receives three (3) or fewer entries, the Guild reserves the right to re-categorize the entry(ies) to the most appropriate alternative category.
  17. FABRIC TELEPHONE/PASS THE ENVELOPE CHALLENGE: Please provide your Entry Form to Kathy Callahan at or before the FEBRUARY general meeting. The quilts will be unveiled at the MARCH general meeting.
  18. Photography is allowed during the quilt show.

Country Store

GQCCC’s Quilt Show Quilting & Needlecraft Boutique

Country Store Contact: Mary Stockler


Country Store Donation List PDF


GQCCC’s Country Store is a guild effort to offer quilting needlework and other donated items for sale as well as letting guild members consign items that they make.   Throughout the year, guild members meet at the Farmhouse to prepare fabric sets and other items sold at the Country Store.  You are welcome to join in the fun! Our Country Store work party dates will be posted in the newsletter and on the calendar at the Farmhouse. Please check with the CS Chairs for detailed information.


The Country Store emphasizes quilting and needlework craftsmanship of our guild.   Each member is asked to contribute two quality items or make a $10 donation payable to the guild.  Members who have made the required contribution may sell consignment items in the Guild’s Country Store. The Guild receives a 20% commission on all sold consignment items.

To promote the boutique feeling, the Country Store offers from donated fabric:  fat quarters, both charm and strip packs, and various quilt block and kit packages, as well as some bulk fabric. Boutique Items such as pincushions, totes, placemats, table runners, etc.  Moda Bake Shop has many free patterns available for our use.

So, this year the guild needs your help making boutique items.  A few Moda Bake Shop patterns will be available, for your use, at the Country Store table during guild meetings.

Feel free to also include items found in a quilt shop, sewing machine shop or needlework store that you no longer need:  these items are ideal for Country Store sales.  Things you may no longer need might be very enticing for someone else!

We accept donations at the General Meetings and at the Farmhouse.  Please come by the Country Store tables at the General Meeting to turn in your donation.  If dropping off at the Farmhouse, please clearly label your donation as for the Country Store and place them in the Blue Container labeled Country Store.  If you have a question or have a large donation to make, please contact Mary at


2018 Vendors

If you have an interest in being a vendor at our 2018 Quilt Show, for more information please send us an email at:

Opportunity Quilt

2018 Tile Tango

Chair: Monica Kaseman

Hand Quilted and Hand Appliqued 66” x 66”

Designed by Becky Goldsmith (with permission granted to GQCCC to use link)

Each year guild members make a quilt to raffle off.  The quilt travels during the year to other guilds and shows.  As part of membership, every member is expected to buy or sell their tickets for the quilt, which is then exhibited at the show.

We take great pride that our Opportunity Quilt is annually Hand Quilted by our guild members. Our guild is famous for it’s hand quilted opportunity quilts and this year’s pattern displays the hand quilting beautifully.

[description of quilt]

Production of GQCCC’s Tile Tango began in 2016 –the guild’s opportunity quilts take 2 years for production. Monica chose Becky Goldsmith’s Tile Tango quilt and obtained permission to use the design.  Monica asked the guild to donate fabric in February 2016 and the guild responded…with plenty of fabric to use for the quilt.  Next came preparation of the packets for appliqué to be completed by various guild members.  Below we have Jackie Seidell , Tammy Zanella (2016 Opp Quilt Chair) and Valerie Sauban working on this year’s quilt.

The quilt was on the hand quilting frame in the fall in 2016 and was previewed at the 2017 Quilt Show with the hand quilters working on it in the entrance.   We have had many requests to purchase raffle tickets for the quilt on the frame at the quilt show, so we do offer the ability to buy tickets for this year’s quilt on the frame.



Every year, a raffle ticket is drawn and someone wins our beautiful quilt.  Take a chance and purchase an Opportunity Quilt ticket. This year, YOU could be the winner and take home the gorgeous Tile Tango quilt!

Opportunity Quilt Flyer PDF

Travel Schedule for the 2018 Quilt [edit]


“Polka Dotty” Challenge

Chair: Beverly Spurs

Each year the guild has a challenge using certain fabrics to create a quilt or wearable on a specific theme.  This Challenge is a fun and friendly competition between our members.  Every summer our Challenge Chair decides on a quilting idea or design to challenge our members.  The Chair may purchase specific fabric(s) and assemble packets using the selected fabric(s).  Sometimes there are rules indicating how many additional fabrics you may add or how many of the packet fabrics you must use to complete your project.  Usually, there is a theme.

Guild members purchase their challenge packets for a small sum and get busy making their challenge projects for the guild’s annual quilt show in April.   All of the projects are displayed together at the quilt show and it is a lot of fun to see how each person has utilized the fabrics and interpreted the rules. This year’s challenge is “Polka Dotty”.

Sample of fabrics for the Polka Dotty Challenge

 2018 Challenge Chair Notes:

This year’s challenge involves polka dots.  Lots of polka dots.  There are a total of ten dotty fabrics, cut into fat eights, of which you will get four in your package.  You must use at least three of the four fabrics.  The challenge is to use them to make something whimsical.  Or offbeat.  Or downright strange, if you are so inclined.  You can use as many other fabrics as you like.

For the first time, there will be a size limit.  If you wish to make a quilt, it must be NO BIGGER THAN 40 INCHES SQUARE!!!  It can be smaller than this of course, and you can also make a wearable or accessory if you want.

Fabrics were purchased at Beverly’s Fabrics in Concord.

Fabric Telephone/Pass the Envelope Challenge

Chair: Kathy Callahan

QS-15-Pass-the-EnvelopeamPass the Envelope, also known as, the Telephone Quilt, is a fun activity. Each year a member is selected to pick an Inspiration Photo.  The member (Chain ONE) keeps one copy and passes a second copy of the Inspiration Photo to two other members (Chain TWO and Chain THREE).  These members, using the Inspiration Photo, will create little 9″ by 12” quilts, working alone and showing no one, using the photo as their inspiration.  When they have completed their quilt, they put their little work of art into manila envelopes and Pass The Envelope to the next person on their list, either Chain ONE, Chain TWO or Chain THREE.  Only the first member of each chain sees the Inspiration Photo.  Each month three new members, one in Chain ONE,  one in Chain TWO, and one in Chain THREE  receive the quilt made by the person directly ahead in their chain.  Thus each person sees only one work of art, the one directly in front of them in the chain, and uses that for their inspiration.  At the February general meeting, the Inspiration Photo and the Chains line up with their quilts and see for the first time, all the quilts that came before them and after them.


To participate in this year’s Pass the Envelope Challenge, please contact Kathy Callahan, Fabric Telephone/Pass the Envelope Challenge Chair.

Volunteer Opportunities

Planning & Volunteering

Lights! Camera! Action!

Join Us to in Making the Quilt Show Come Alive!


All of our members are encouraged to participate in the production of the Quilt Show.   The weekend of the show has 215 slots for guild member volunteers to help make the show happen.  Below are Quilt Show Committee members who have volunteered during the planning of the show.  It is great way to meet other Guild members (especially if you are a new member).  Please do your part to ensure the success of the Quilt Show and a special “Thank you” for all the time and energy of our volunteers!
Quilt Show Committee Assignments PDF


Weathervane Block Patterns for Volunteer Aprons

All volunteers wear the guild Weathervane block on an apron while helping at the Quilt Show.  Below are the patterns using different methods to make the block that is placed on the front of your apron:

Paper Pieced
Half Triangle

Quilt Show Committee [edit]


2017 Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Chair: Ann Gimbel

Hand Quilted and Hand Appliqued 85” x 85”

Each year guild members make a quilt to raffle off.  The quilt travels during the year to other guilds and shows.  As part of membership, every member is expected to buy or sell their tickets for the quilt, which is then exhibited at the show.

We take great pride that our Opportunity Quilt is annually Hand Quilted by our guild members. Our guild is famous for it’s hand quilted opportunity quilts and this year’s pattern displays the hand quilting beautifully.

2017 Final cropped web

This year’s Kaleidoscope of Butterflies was inspired by the colors of the color wheel.  The pattern originated in Fan Quilts by Marion L. Maerke and M. Carol Schiaffino, published by American School of Needlework.  The name of the quilt is derived from the term used to describe a group of butterflies!

This year’s Design Team, Louise Tanno and Ann Gimbel, redrafted the original pattern, to use a paper-foundation-pieced technique, changing the shape of the wing, the size of the block and the shape of the body.  The loft of the batting used, Quilters Dream Wool, accentuates the hand quilting as a prominent textural feature of this lovely quilt.  The fabric and batting was purchased at The Cotton Patch in Lafayette.  There were 280 total hours collectively volunteered by members to plan, organize, piece, appliqué, embroider, assemble, bind, mark and hand quilt this beautiful opportunity quilt.

Fabric Selection was chosen by Heide Dressler, Jill Orr and Ann Gimbel at The Cotton Patch.   Butterfly wings were sewn by Wanda Reyenga, Waunell Michels, Valerie Sauban, Nancy Ritter, Patsy Ronat, Aggie Vecchio, Valeria Furtado, Donna Brooks and Sharyn Owens.  The lovely Hand Appliqué of the butterfly bodies was completed by Kathy Callahan, Leslie Finta and Ann Gimbel.  The butterfly antennae were embroidered by Eva Lee and Louise Tanno.  Assembly was completed by Ann Gimbel and Louise Tanno.

Finally, the Hand Quilting Team on Wednesdays designed and stitched over a 9 month period and 199 hours to complete the delicate hand quilting.  Many thanks to these very talented quilters:  Raynell Coleman, Heide Dressler, Clair McIvor, Marian Wolfrom, Pat DeRushia, Ranny Frank and others.

Every year, a raffle ticket is drawn and someone wins our beautiful quilt.  Take a chance and purchase an Opportunity Quilt ticket. This year, YOU could be the winner and take home the gorgeous Kaleidoscope of Butterflies quilt!

Opportunity Quilt Flyer PDF

Featuring:  Nancy Brown, “Animal Appliquér Extraordinaire” was our Featured Artist.

She is a talented and fun quilter and was at the show both days. She gave a presentation in the Classroom at 1:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday.

Past features have included:

  • Valerie Sauban, a Nature Quilt Artist
  • “A is for Appliqué” highlighting the work of Ann Gimbel, Beverly Spurs, Jackie Seidell and Kathy Callahan
  • Special exhibit of our Lifetime Members: Barbara Abel, karen Bray, Karen Mihshi, Lena Kolle, Margaret Bender, Marian Wolfram, Myrna Rutkas, Pat DeRushia, Ranny Frank, and Rosemary Catalan.

2017 Viewer’s Choice Winners  
[Categories listed aphabetically except for Best of Show]

Best of Show & 1st Place All Other Techniques
Prairie Gathering Lodge by Anita Mingham

All Other Techniques
2nd Place – Little Yo Yos by Margo Spack

Group Quilt
1st Place – Nancy’s Folly by Nancy Ritter
2nd Place – Oh My Stars! by Barbara Beil

Hand – Two or More Techniques
1st Place – Blooms of Spring by Louise Tanno
2nd Place – Rainbow Braid by Raynell Coleman

Hand Applique
1st Place – French Doors by Ellie Conley
2nd Place – Leaves by Jackie Seidell

Hand Quilted
1st Place – Butterflies and Blossoms by Beverly Spurs
2nd Place – One for My Son by Elizabeth Huff

Home Use Item
1st Place – Ms. Bindweed’s Boots by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – Bluebird Pillow by Louise Tanno

1st Place – Merry Christmas by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – Twister Bunny by Loretta Jones

Machine – Two or More Techniques
1st Place – Wind in the Whiskers by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – Shades of Baltimore Album by Cindy Greco

Machine Quilted
1st Place – Zinnia Daybreak Hosta by Carmen Franklin
2nd Place – Blue Dog by Birgit Knuth

1st Place – King of the Roost by S. Jane Powell
2nd Place – Hanky Quilt of Memories by Jeanne Marie Roberts

1st Place -The Back is More Interesting by Mary Pimentel-Wheeler
2nd Place – Hoppie’s Butterflies by Sandy Butner

Original Design
1st Place – Leftovers by Valerie Sauban
2nd Place – Elegant Clarkia by Valerie Sauban

Pass the Envelope/Fabric Telephone
1st Place – Golden Gate Sunset by Fran McNamee
2nd Place – Crab Shack by Birgit Knuth

Wearable and Accessories
1st Place – Flying Geese Sweatshirt by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – Scottie by Ellen Heathcote

Aloha Challenge
Penguins Go To Hawaii by Kathy Callahan




2016 Poppy Fields Forever Opportunity Quilt

Chair: Tammy Zanella

Hand Quilted and Hand Appliqued 80” x 95”


Poppy Fields Forever was made from a Mountain Mist Pattern called Painted Poppies.


The background and backing fabric is Pepper Cory’s shot cotton.  We feel that the fabric and colors give the traditional quilt a modern look.  The loft of the batting used, Quilters Dream Wool, accentuates the hand quilting as a prominent textural feature of this lovely quilt.  The fabric was purchased at The Cotton Patch in Lafayette.

The Design and Fabric Selection team for this quilt was Tammy Zanella, Dale Wolfe, Jackie Seidell, and Valerie Sauban. The lovely Hand Appliqué was completed by  Joan Beall, Ann Gimbel, Bev Spurs, Myrna Rutkas, Barb Shates, Jackie Seidell, Kathy Callahan, Sandy Butner over 136 hours. Assembly and Marking was completed by Jackie Seidell and Tammy Zanella over 8 hours.  Finally, the Hand Quilting Team on Wednesdays Maryann Bower, Raynell Coleman, Pat DeRushia, Heidi Dressler, Ranny Frank, Eva Lee, Claire McIvor, Marian Wolfram worked over 387 hours over a nine-month period to complete the delicate hand quilting.

Opportunity Quilt Flyer PDF