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Adult First Quilt1st Place – “Oma and Opa’s Sunshine Angel” by Gwen Ehrlich2nd Place – “2018 Mystery Quilt Project” by Cathy Sargent Appliqué1st Place – “Be Ribboned Wreaths” by Cynthia Bane Mammon2nd Place – “Bug-A-Lot” by Cindy Greco Creative Item1st Place – “Garden Flowers Purse” by Dale Wolfe2nd Place – “Beaded Dragon Vest” by Cynthia […]

Favorite Quilt“In the Mist on Rainy Pass” by Shirley Lewis-Stolen Favorite Bee Challenge“A Closer Look” by Janelle Pena Favorite Pass the Envelope Challenge“Cousin Lizzie” by Phyllis Nishimori Favorite Creative Item“Beaded Dragon Vest” by Cynthia Bane Mammon

Raynell’s Beautiful Bees 79″ X 97″ *** Need a description here *** Opportunity Quilt ChairsRaynell Coleman and Diane Slattery Pattern InformationThe design was adapted from “Swarms of Summer” by Sherri Bain Driver and Barbara Tone Lister, published in American Quilter, Summer 2007. The adaptation from the original pattern was drawn by Raynell Coleman, with input […]