Details from Past Quilt Shows

Whether you’re waiting for next year’s quilt show information to be posted, planning for another opportunity quilt or challenge quilt or simply reminiscing, this page is a good resource for quilt show information of the past. Enjoy!

2019 Raynell’s Beautiful Bees

Our quilt made its first appearance at Quilting in the Garden at the Alden Lane Nursery.

Won by guild member, Susan Pilieri

Some Facts about the Quilt

  • The quilt is 79″ by 97″
  • The design was adapted from “Swarms of Summer” by Sherri Bain Driver and Barbara Tone Lister, published in American Quilter, Summer 2007. The adaptation from the original pattern was drawn by Raynell Coleman, with input from various guild members.
  • Fabrics are 100% cotton and the batting is Quilter’s Dream Wool.
  • Fifteen guild members spent 407 hours hand quilting.
  • The quilt has a total of 668 hours of all work: piecing, applique, embroidery, quilting and finishing.
  • 2019 Viewers’ Choice Winners

    [Album posted see Resources Page ]
    • Favorite Quilt – #43 In the Mist on Rainy Pass by Shirley Lewis-Stolen
    • Favorite Bee Challenge – #129 A Closer Look by Janelle Pena
    • Favorite Pass the Envelope Challenge – #70 Cousin Lizzie by Phyllis Nishimori
    • Favorite Creative Item – #105 Beaded Dragon Vest by Cynthia Bane Mammon

    Judged Winners

    Adult First Quilt
    1st Place – #100 Oma and Opa’s Sunshine Angel by Gwen Ehrlich
    2nd Place – #131 2018 Mystery Quilt Project by Cathy Sargent

    1st Place – #106 Be Ribboned Wreaths by Cynthia Bane Mammon
    2nd Place – #47 Bug-A-Lot by Cindy Greco

    Creative Item
    1st Place – #138 Garden Flowers Purse by Dale Wolfe
    2nd Place – #105 Beaded Dragon Vest by Cynthia Bane Mammon

    Hand Quilted
    1st Place – #45 Angel’s Trumpet by Cindy Greco
    2nd Place – #82 Lattice Star by Elizabeth Huff

    Machine Quilted
    1st Place – #5 Christmas Morning Delight by Holly Oddson
    2nd Place – #112 Crayons by Barbara Beil

    Mixed Techniques
    1st Place – # 3 The Whole Hive by Shirley Wilson
    2nd Place – #43 In the Mist on Rainy Pass by Shirley Lewis-Stolen

    Original Design
    1st Place – #33 Sea Horses Tie the Knot by Valerie Sauban
    2nd Place – # 20 Queen Bee Aggie by Phyllis Nishimori

    1st Place – #9 Big Red by Jackie Seidell
    2nd Place – #89 Cartwheel Costa Rica by Ellie Conlie

2018 Tile Tango

Chair: Monica Kaseman

Hand Quilted and Hand Appliqued 66” x 66”

Designed by Becky Goldsmith (with permission granted to GQCCC to use link)

Each year guild members make a quilt to raffle off.  The quilt travels during the year to other guilds and shows.  As part of membership, every member is expected to buy or sell their tickets for the quilt, which is then exhibited at the show.

We take great pride that our Opportunity Quilt is annually Hand Quilted by our guild members. Our guild is famous for it’s hand quilted opportunity quilts and this year’s pattern displays the hand quilting beautifully.

[description of quilt]

Production of GQCCC’s Tile Tango began in 2016 –the guild’s opportunity quilts take 2 years for production. Monica chose Becky Goldsmith’s Tile Tango quilt and obtained permission to use the design.  Monica asked the guild to donate fabric in February 2016 and the guild responded…with plenty of fabric to use for the quilt.  Next came preparation of the packets for appliqué to be completed by various guild members.  Below we have Jackie Seidell , Tammy Zanella (2016 Opp Quilt Chair) and Valerie Sauban working on this year’s quilt.

The quilt was on the hand quilting frame in the fall in 2016 and was previewed at the 2017 Quilt Show with the hand quilters working on it in the entrance.   We have had many requests to purchase raffle tickets for the quilt on the frame at the quilt show, so we do offer the ability to buy tickets for this year’s quilt on the frame.


2018 Viewer’s Choice Winners   [Album listed under resources]

Best of Show – Baskets by Jackie Seidell
Best Creative Item – Asymmetrical by Michelle Bogovich
Best Pass the Envelope – Balance by Valerie Sauban
Best Polka Dotty Challenge – Henrietta by Phyllis Nishimori

2018 Judged Winners     [Album listed under resources]

Adult First Quilt
1st – My First Quilt by Kelly Doidge                             2nd – Trip Around the Sun by Jeff Slattery

1st – Baltimore Autumn by Cindy Greco                     2nd – Sweet Tweets by Cynthia Bane Mammon

Creative Item
1st – Handkerchief Cushion by Beverley Spurs         2nd -Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down by Kitty Nowack

Hand Quilted
1st – Ginger Jars by Beverly Spurs                               2nd – How the Elephant Got Its Trunk by Louise Follett

Machine Quilted
1st – Raindrops by Bobbie Whitlock                           2nd – Heritage by Cindy Greco

1st – Baskets by Jackie Seidell                                      2nd – French Doors by Bobbie Whitlock

Original Design
1st – Mouse Trap by Joan Barker                                2nd – Golden Gate Bridge by Louise Tanno

1st – Eyes Wide Open by Loretta Jones                     2nd – Fractured Dresden Plate by Ellie Conley

Tile Tango was won by Kate Ahearn

2017 Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Chair: Ann Gimbel

Hand Quilted and Hand Appliqued 85” x 85”

2017 Final cropped web

2017’s Kaleidoscope of Butterflies was inspired by the colors of the color wheel.  The pattern originated in Fan Quilts by Marion L. Maerke and M. Carol Schiaffino, published by American School of Needlework.  The name of the quilt is derived from the term used to describe a group of butterflies!

2017’s Design Team, Louise Tanno and Ann Gimbel, redrafted the original pattern, to use a paper-foundation-pieced technique, changing the shape of the wing, the size of the block and the shape of the body.  The loft of the batting used, Quilters Dream Wool, accentuates the hand quilting as a prominent textural feature of this lovely quilt.  The fabric and batting was purchased at The Cotton Patch in Lafayette.  There were 280 total hours collectively volunteered by members to plan, organize, piece, appliqué, embroider, assemble, bind, mark and hand quilt this beautiful opportunity quilt.

Fabric Selection was chosen by Heide Dressler, Jill Orr and Ann Gimbel at The Cotton Patch.   Butterfly wings were sewn by Wanda Reyenga, Waunell Michels, Valerie Sauban, Nancy Ritter, Patsy Ronat, Aggie Vecchio, Valeria Furtado, Donna Brooks and Sharyn Owens.  The lovely Hand Appliqué of the butterfly bodies was completed by Kathy Callahan, Leslie Finta and Ann Gimbel.  The butterfly antennae were embroidered by Eva Lee and Louise Tanno.  Assembly was completed by Ann Gimbel and Louise Tanno.

Finally, the Hand Quilting Team on Wednesdays designed and stitched over a 9 month period and 199 hours to complete the delicate hand quilting.  Many thanks to these very talented quilters:  Raynell Coleman, Heide Dressler, Clair McIvor, Marian Wolfrom, Pat DeRushia, Ranny Frank and others.

Nancy Brown, “Animal Appliquér Extraordinaire” was our Featured Artist.

Past features have included:

  • Valerie Sauban, a Nature Quilt Artist
  • “A is for Appliqué” highlighting the work of Ann Gimbel, Beverly Spurs, Jackie Seidell and Kathy Callahan
  • Special exhibit of our Lifetime Members: Barbara Abel, karen Bray, Karen Mihshi, Lena Kolle, Margaret Bender, Marian Wolfram, Myrna Rutkas, Pat DeRushia, Ranny Frank, and Rosemary Catalan.

2017 Viewer’s Choice Winners  
[Categories listed aphabetically except for Best of Show]

Best of Show & 1st Place All Other Techniques
Prairie Gathering Lodge by Anita Mingham

All Other Techniques
2nd Place – Little Yo Yos by Margo Spack

Group Quilt
1st Place – Nancy’s Folly by Nancy Ritter
2nd Place – Oh My Stars! by Barbara Beil

Hand – Two or More Techniques
1st Place – Blooms of Spring by Louise Tanno
2nd Place – Rainbow Braid by Raynell Coleman

Hand Applique
1st Place – French Doors by Ellie Conley
2nd Place – Leaves by Jackie Seidell

Hand Quilted
1st Place – Butterflies and Blossoms by Beverly Spurs
2nd Place – One for My Son by Elizabeth Huff

Home Use Item
1st Place – Ms. Bindweed’s Boots by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – Bluebird Pillow by Louise Tanno

1st Place – Merry Christmas by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – Twister Bunny by Loretta Jones

Machine – Two or More Techniques
1st Place – Wind in the Whiskers by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – Shades of Baltimore Album by Cindy Greco

Machine Quilted
1st Place – Zinnia Daybreak Hosta by Carmen Franklin
2nd Place – Blue Dog by Birgit Knuth

1st Place – King of the Roost by S. Jane Powell
2nd Place – Hanky Quilt of Memories by Jeanne Marie Roberts

1st Place -The Back is More Interesting by Mary Pimentel-Wheeler
2nd Place – Hoppie’s Butterflies by Sandy Butner

Original Design
1st Place – Leftovers by Valerie Sauban
2nd Place – Elegant Clarkia by Valerie Sauban

Pass the Envelope/Fabric Telephone
1st Place – Golden Gate Sunset by Fran McNamee
2nd Place – Crab Shack by Birgit Knuth

Wearable and Accessories
1st Place – Flying Geese Sweatshirt by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – Scottie by Ellen Heathcote

Aloha Challenge
Penguins Go To Hawaii by Kathy Callahan




2016 Poppy Fields Forever Opportunity Quilt

Chair: Tammy Zanella

Hand Quilted and Hand Appliqued 80” x 95”


Poppy Fields Forever was made from a Mountain Mist Pattern called Painted Poppies.


The background and backing fabric is Pepper Cory’s shot cotton.  We feel that the fabric and colors give the traditional quilt a modern look.  The loft of the batting used, Quilters Dream Wool, accentuates the hand quilting as a prominent textural feature of this lovely quilt.  The fabric was purchased at The Cotton Patch in Lafayette.

The Design and Fabric Selection team for this quilt was Tammy Zanella, Dale Wolfe, Jackie Seidell, and Valerie Sauban. The lovely Hand Appliqué was completed by  Joan Beall, Ann Gimbel, Bev Spurs, Myrna Rutkas, Barb Shates, Jackie Seidell, Kathy Callahan, Sandy Butner over 136 hours. Assembly and Marking was completed by Jackie Seidell and Tammy Zanella over 8 hours.  Finally, the Hand Quilting Team on Wednesdays Maryann Bower, Raynell Coleman, Pat DeRushia, Heidi Dressler, Ranny Frank, Eva Lee, Claire McIvor, Marian Wolfram worked over 387 hours over a nine-month period to complete the delicate hand quilting.