2021 Opportunity Quilt
Midnight Garden

2021 Opportunity Quilt Chair: Taryn Doidge

  • Size. 61” x 79”
  • Pattern: Wildflowers
  • Designed by Lydia Quigley
  • Pattern purchased and donated by Guild member: Terry McNally

Fabrics picked out by: Kelly Doidge, Taryn Doidge, Dianne Slattery and Kathy Tedesco. 

Appliquers: Helen Anderson, Kathy Callahan, Cindy Greco, Monica Kaseman, Sharon Mazanec, Audrey McInerney, Claire McIvor, Myrna Rutkas,  Jackie Seidell,  Dianne Slattery, Beverly Spurs, *Kathy Tedesco   *Kathy Tedesco appliquéd 50 of the 150 hours herself.

Design/Assembly of quilt: Kelly Doidge, Taryn Doidge, Claire McIvor, Doreen O’Brien, Wanda Reyenga, Erica Riekki, Dianne Slattery,  Aneta Sperber, Beverly Spurs,  Kathy Tedesco, Nancy Van Meter. There were 282 hours working on the design and final assembly of this spectacular quilt.

Hand Quilters: Kathy Callahan, **Melissa Cardinet, Ellie Conley, Pat DeRushia, Taryn Doidge, Ranny Frank, Ann Gimbel, Elizabeth Huff, Terry McNally, Kerry O’Brien, Cathy Sargent, Mary Pimentel-Wheeler **Melissa Cardinet hand quilted 200 hours out of the 375 hours.

This quilt was a great collaborative effort by all involved.

Laying out the blocks