Enter the Show – Forms & Instructions 

Entry Forms are just below Category Definitions. See below.

Judging Guidelines for the GQCCC Quilt Show

  1.  All visitors to the Quilt Show will be given a Viewer’s Choice ballot to vote for their favorite quilt or item in the following four categories: “Best Quilt”, “Best Creative Item”, “Best Pass the Envelope Challenge Entry” and “Best Day of the Dead Challenge Entry”. Visitor voting will take place all day Saturday, and Sunday until noon.  Awards will be made Sunday after 1 pm.
  2. A committee of volunteer judges from a neighboring guild will judge quilts and items entered for judging.  Judging will take place at a time convenient to the committee, with awards being made on Sunday after 1 pm.
  3. First Place and Second Place MAY be awarded for each category, at the sole discretion of the Guild.

Category Definitions:

  1. Appliquéd: A quilt where either hand or machine applique is the predominant feature of the quilt.
  2. Pieced: A quilt that was hand or machine pieced by the entrant(s).  If made from a pattern or kit, the pattern designer’s name, name of the pattern, and/or kit name must be included in the Entry Description section of the entry form.
  3. Mixed Techniques: A quilt using any combination of hand or machine piecing, hand or machine applique, or any other construction or embellishment techniques such as embroidery, fabric painting, coloring, fabric folding, photo transfers, beading, etc.
  4. Hand Quilted: A quilt made in any style where the quilting is done by hand, by the member entering the quilt.
  5. Machine Quilted – Stand Up: A quilt made in any style where the quilting is done on a “standup” sewing machine by the member entering the quilt. This includes sewing machines of any size (for instance, long-arm, mid-arm, etc.) where the quilt is attached to a frame and the sewing machine is moved by the quilter or by a computerized stitching program.
  6. Machine Quilted – Sit Down: A quilt made in any style, where the quilting is done on a “sit down” sewing machine by the member entering the quilt.  This includes machines of any size (for instance, domestic machines, sit-down mid-arms, etc.) where the machine is stationary and the quilt is moved under the needle by the quilter to create the quilted design.
  7. Original Design: A quilt where the pattern, layout, and design elements are all the original work of the member entering the quilt. This category is judged by the design elements and overall impact of the quilt.
  8. Creative Item: This category is judged by the overall impact of the item and includes:
    a.   Wearables and Accessories (clothing, hats, bags, etc.)
    b.   Home Use Items (table runners, place mats, pot holders, etc.)
    c.   Other creative non-quilt items (pin cushions, organizers, sewing machine covers, fabric bowls, etc.)
  9. Adult First Quilt: Quilt must be one of the first three quilts pieced and finished by the entrant. Must state if it was quilted by the member or others, and if it was made from a kit or pattern.

Note: For the forms below you will need to print the first 3 pages.  The first 2 are to be submitted by March 9th, the 3rd page has the entry label that needs to be hand basted onto the lower right corner of your quilt or other entry.

2020 Quilt Show Entry Form

2020 Quilt Show Entry Form [Fillable PDF] [doesn’t work on an iPad, don’t know if it will work for Apple Users]

Quilt Hanging Sleeve Instructions

2021 Virtual Quilt Show Timeline


Quilt Show Entry Rules and Procedures

  1. All entry forms and photos must be received by    in order to be considered for the show. No Exceptions.
  2. You must be a current member of GQCCC in order to enter a quilt.
  3. Only ONE (1) entry per entry form.
  4. There is a limit of five (5) entries total per member.  Please include a “Priority” number to your entries on the Entry Form, if submitting more than one entry.
  5. If the Member wishes to have their quilt judged, the Member must be the maker of all the components of the category in which the quilt is entered. A member may not enter in a category in which they did not personally do all the described work.
  6. A Member may enter a quilt into the show that was quilted by a non-member quilter (i.e. “quilt-by-check”); but that quilt cannot be entered in any “quilting” category (i.e. Hand or Machine Quilting).  It must be entered in one of the other categories.
  7. In the event that a judged category receives three (3) or fewer entries, the Guild reserves the right to re-categorize the entry(ies) to the most appropriate alternative category.
  8. If too many quilts are entered for the show, the Guild reserves the right to select which quilts will be displayed in the show. If a quilt is not selected for the show, the Guild will notify the Member.
  9. One ribbon will be awarded per winning entry, regardless of the number of members participating in the making of the quilt or item.
  10. All entries must be complete and constructed primarily of fabric.
  11. Entries displayed in previous GQCCC quilt shows are ineligible.
  12. FABRIC TELEPHONE/PASS THE ENVELOPE CHALLENGE: Please submit your Entry Form  and photo by the deadline.  Contact Kathy Callahan for any questions.
  13. TURN TO THE DARK SIDE CHALLENGE: Please submit an Entry Form and photo by the deadline; then drop your entry off at the Farmhouse during “Quilt Receiving” hours stated on the entry form.  Contact Beverly Spurs for any questions.



  • Best – Outdoors on an overcast day, any time but high noon 
  • Better – Daytime indoors in a well-lighted room.  Bring in additional lamps if necessary, to make sure the quilt has good light on the front. 
  • OK – Indoors, with as many lights on as possible.   

Quilt Setup: 

  • Make sure your quilt is level and hangs straight down before you photograph it. Do not photograph it laying on the floor, a table, or a bed, that results in a skewed photograph. 
  • Slip a curtain rod, shower rod, yardstick, or whatever through the sleeve. 
  • Hang it against a wall using hooks or have two friends hold it level. 
  • Use a quilt stand or design wall if you have access to them. 


Use the best camera you have. It may be the one on your phone. Take the photo at the highest resolution your camera can produce. 

Hold the camera so that the lens is centered squarely on the quilt, top to bottom, and left to right. Think of a bullseye right in the center of the quilt. That is where you want your camera held and focused. Move back or forth to get the whole quilt in the frame, keeping the lens at the center.  

Take several photos and choose the best one. Take a few close-up pictures of the best details, if you wish. 

If using a digital camera and downloading to your computer, save the photo as a JPEG (.jpg) format.   

If you are going to email your photo, name the file as: “YOUR NAME – QUILT NAME”.  For example: “BETTY JONES – BLUE LOG CABIN.jpg”. 

If you are having your photo printed out (for instance, at Costco or Walgreens), please write your name and the quilt name on the back of the photo before submitting it.