Quilt Show Challenges

Each year the guild has a challenge using certain fabrics to create a quilt or wearable on a specific theme.  This Challenge is a fun and friendly competition between our members.  Every summer our Challenge Chair decides on a quilting idea or design to challenge our members.

2021 Challenge –  Turn to the Dark Side

Chair: Beverly Spurs

2021 Challenge Chair Notes:

This year’s challenge is based again on our opportunity quilt.  It was quite an ordinary appliqué pattern, until we had the idea of changing the background from light to dark.  This made the quilt much more attractive and exciting! So the challenge is to take a pattern that originally had a light background and change it to a dark one.  It doesn’t have to be black; you can go dark blue, green, red, etc. Use whatever fabrics you want, and no size limitation.  Have fun!

A quilt show entry form must be filled out for the challenge, and turned in at the same time as the other entries. Please note that Challenge items will not be judged along with the regular entries; voting will be Viewer’s Choice Only.

See the album of our 2020 Challenge quilts

Fabric Telephone/Pass the Envelope Challenge

Chair: Kathy Callahan

We are off and running for our 2021 Challenge!

See the Album of our 2020 Challenge quilts

QS-15-Pass-the-EnvelopeamPass the Envelope, also known as, Fabric Telephone, is a fun activity. Each year a member is selected to pick an Inspiration Photo.  The member (Chain ONE) keeps one copy and passes a second copy of the Inspiration Photo to two other members (Chain TWO and Chain THREE).  These members, using the Inspiration Photo, will create little 9″ by 12” quilts, working alone and showing no one, using the photo as their inspiration.  When they have completed their quilt, they put their little work of art into manila envelopes and Pass The Envelope to the next person on their list, either Chain ONE, Chain TWO or Chain THREE.  Only the first member of each chain sees the Inspiration Photo.  Each month three new members, one in Chain ONE,  one in Chain TWO, and one in Chain THREE  receive the quilt made by the person directly ahead in their chain.  Thus each person sees only one work of art, the one directly in front of them in the chain, and uses that for their inspiration.

Quilt Show entry forms are due to the chair at the February meeting to be submitted as a group for data entry.

At the March general meeting, the Inspiration Photo and the participants line up with their quilts and see for the first time, all the quilts that came before them and after them. The quilts will then be given to the chair to facilitate making the display for the quilt show.

Please note that Challenge items will not be judged along with the regular entries; voting will be Viewer’s Choice Only.

To participate in this year’s Pass the Envelope Challenge, please contact Kathy Callahan, Fabric Telephone/Pass the Envelope Challenge Chair.