Penni Domikis

Did you ever wonder about the fabrics we all love? How are they made? Where does the process begin? We all know our favorite fabrics are created from cotton but what exactly is the process from the factory to the shop? How does a company pick designs and how long does it take to get fabrics from design to print to market? What is the difference between a wet print process and a digital design? Is there really a difference in the base cotton? If you have ever wondered any of those things… take a journey with me to discover things you may not know about what goes on behind the scenes. As part of the corporate team with Michael Miller Fabrics, I have learned so much about the process and I would love to share some of this knowledge with you.

Register for the meeting here.

Penni is teaching a class on Saturday, June 26 – Pickle Dish Block. To learn more click here.

More about Penni

Penni is the owner and chief designer of Cabin in the Woods Quilters. CabinQuilters is a quilt pattern design company established in 2003 and located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Penni was introduced to quilting by a family friend and combined her love for this hobby as well as photography and graphic design into a thriving pattern design business. Penni is an award-winning quilter and has developed a reputation for breaking down quilting designs into manageable pieces for quilters of all skill levels, leading to her company motto, “Make it simple… but make it with style!”

Check out her website https://cabinquilters.com

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