Happy May. I hope the visual beauty blooming this Spring is inspiring your quilting creativity.

With the Stay at Home Order still in effect, May’s General Meeting is cancelled. We will have the 2020 Opportunity Quilt drawing via Facebook Live on May 18th at 7pm. A link will be emailed.

May is when we elect our new officers and approve the budget. This year we will need to hold our elections virtually. An email will go out with instructions. If you do not have email, wewill call you for your vote.

I am sure that you are aware that for the last few years our finances have been getting tighter. Just like for your own budget, costs continue to go up each year. The Guild’s income has not kept pace with increasing expenses. We have some savings to handle emergencies such as this, but loss of income from not having a quilt show this year has depleted those substantially and the situation has become even more serious.

To get a balanced budget, the board had to make some hard decisions. The Farmhouse’s rent increased substantially last year and will again this year. In addition, membership is down, and costs such as insurance, storage, and meeting expenses, are rising. The board spent hours in serious deliberation about how to balance our budget; it was difficult. One of the cutbacks made is printing the newsletter; hard copies will no longer be made. Exceptions will be made for long-time individual members that have no way to get an electronic newsletter.

The Board has begun discussing raising membership dues, starting next year. GQCCC dues are much lower than most guilds, and we offer more services. Increased dues in the future is a reality, but how much they go up depends on how well we, as a guild, find ways to increase income from the Quilt Show and selling Opportunity Quilt Tickets.

There are many ways that all members can help offset the Guild’s ever-growing costs. We need members to step up and help increase revenue by increasing attendance at the Quilt Show, selling more Opportunity Quilt Tickets, or giving monetary donations. We do not want to get into a situation where we need to make drastic choices, such as closing the Farmhouse, or having fewer speakers. The Board is working very hard to avoid that, but we cannot do it alone and need all members to help in any way they can. For example, we still need a Chair for the 2022 Opportunity Quilt.

Hopefully, a Country Store event will happen this fall, mitigating the loss of income this year. If we can, we will need donations, volunteers, and members bringing people to the event.

Another way we may be able to ensure the Guild’s future is grant money. If there is a grant writer in our community or someone willing to take on that task, please contact me.

One way the Board is trying to add members and member support is by using videoconferencing with Zoom. Zoom is an easy to use app that anyone can add to their smart phone, tablet, or computer; it allows you to participate in an online meeting. If we are not able to hold the June meeting in person, we will do it by Zoom.

Stay well and keep quilting. Doreen O’Brien
GQCCC President 2019-21

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