Judged Winners

Adult First Quilt
1st Place – “My First Quilt” by Kelly Doidge
2nd Place – “Trip Around the Sun” by Jeff Slattery

1st Place – “Baltimore Autumn” by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – “Sweet Tweets” by Cynthia Bane Mammon

Creative Item
1st Place – “Handkerchief Cushion” by Beverley Spurs
2nd Place – “Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down” by Kitty Nowack

Hand Quilted
1st Place – “Ginger Jars” by Beverly Spurs
2nd Place – “How the Elephant Got Its Trunk” by Louise Follett

Machine Quilted
1st Place – “Raindrops” by Bobbie Whitlock
2nd Place – “Heritage” by Cindy Greco

1st Place – “Baskets” by Jackie Seidell
2nd Place – “French Doors” by Bobbie Whitlock

Original Design
1st Place – “Mouse Trap” by Joan Barker
2nd Place – “Golden Gate Bridge” by Louise Tanno

1st Place – “Eyes Wide Open” by Loretta Jones
2nd Place – “Fractured Dresden Plate” by Ellie Conley

Adult First Quilt
1st Place – “Oma and Opa’s Sunshine Angel” by Gwen Ehrlich
2nd Place – “2018 Mystery Quilt Project” by Cathy Sargent

1st Place – “Be Ribboned Wreaths” by Cynthia Bane Mammon
2nd Place – “Bug-A-Lot” by Cindy Greco

Creative Item
1st Place – “Garden Flowers Purse” by Dale Wolfe
2nd Place – “Beaded Dragon Vest” by Cynthia Bane Mammon

Hand Quilted
1st Place – “Angel’s Trumpet” by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – “Lattice Star” by Elizabeth Huff

Machine Quilted
1st Place – “Christmas Morning Delight” by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – “Crayons” by Barbara Beil

Mixed Techniques
1st Place – “The Whole Hive” by Shirley Wilson
2nd Place – “In the Mist on Rainy Pass” by Shirley Lewis-Stolen

Original Design
1st Place – “Sea Horses Tie the Knot” by Valerie Sauban
2nd Place – “Queen Bee Aggie” by Phyllis Nishimori

1st Place – “Big Red” by Jackie Seidell
2nd Place – “Cartwheel Costa Rica” by Ellie Conlie

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