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Jane Haworth

In this presentation Jane will talk about her journey as a quilter, techniques that she uses and her desire to get other quilters to work out of their comfort zone and to play with fabric. As she says “Give it a go!” She loves to encourage everyone to be inspired and leave the lecture eager to “play” with their fabrics and supplies. She will also include details of her trip to the International Quilt Festival Dubai.

This a Hybrid meeting. Register to attend on Zoom here.

Jane is teaching a Zoom class on Saturday, April 23, 2022 titled “Sunlit Sunflowers”. To learn more click here.

More About Jane

Jane Haworth is an award winning professional quilter specializing in making nature inspired raw edge fabric collage quilts using her own hand dyed fabrics and commercial fabrics. Jane lectures and teaches classes at quilt guilds and quilt shops encouraging students to go out of their comfort zone and “just create!” and now teaches online via Zoom

Jane spends all her spare time making custom memory quilts made from T-Shirts, neckties, handkerchiefs and other types of clothing collected over the years for her Etsy shop ‘Quilts from Clothes’

Check out her website at


Joy Lily

The tradition of creating a series of 100 related art works goes back at least to 1830’s Japan where several blockprint artists competed to create 100 views of local sights. After hearing Sonia Philip speak about how and why she sewed 100 dresses, Joy got an itch to create 100 of something herself. When the San Francisco Quilt Guild requested small quilts for premature babies at Kaiser Hospital, she quickly whipped up a few 24” x 24” quilt tops. What fun! She challenged herself to make 100 quilt tops and see what the process could teach her. By the ninth quilt, she realized that this was also a design project.

See the quilts and hear about the trials and victories of Joy’s quilting journey.

This will be a hybrid meeting. Those not attending in person can register for the meeting here.

More About Joy

Joy’s art falls into the category “surface design.” She is a silk painter, dyer, quiltmaker and fabric printer. Her choices of imagery come from a deep respect for and fascination with the natural world. She is continually surprised and delighted by the astonishing variety, beauty and fecundity of life around us. Shells, flowers and leaves offer endless choices of colors and forms to celebrate. Her work strives to remind viewers that our precious and diminishing ecosystems are also beautiful.

Joy’s work has been exhibited in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Hannover Germany and Beijing. For 11 years she was artist-in-residence, through the California Arts Council, at 30th Street Senior Center in San Francisco, working with elders in textile media. She currently teaches fiber arts through adult education and through quilt and art guilds.

Check out her website at


Sandy Fitzpatrick

Unleash the power of your sewing machine using machine stitches to create dimension with amped-up appliqué, decorative stitches, and thread painting. Open your mind to the possibilities that can be accomplished with your machine!

This is a Zoom only meeting. Register for the meeting here.

Sandy is teaching a Zoom class on Saturday, March 5, 2022 titled “Make the Most of Your Machine Appliqué”. To learn more click here.

More About Sandy

Sandy Fitzpatrick of Hissyfitz Designs is an applique quilt pattern designer whose goal is to get as many of the quirky designs, that are spinning around in her head, down on paper for you to enjoy! Her fusible applique patterns are full of whimsy and will certainly bring a smile to your face. Sandy strives to make her full-sized patterns easy to follow and fun to make.

Having lived in many places as she and her husband moved around with the Air Force, Sandy currently lives in Cary, North Carolina. Her lectures and workshops are always an informative, fun experience.

Check out her website at


Linda Wagner

Borders: plain or pieced. What will give your quilt the best possible visual impact and how do you decide? Inner borders, outer borders, and binding all provide opportunity to add a little to the finished product. For this lecture, 40-50 quilts will demonstrate the options you have as the quilt maker/artist. Along with decision possibilities we will discuss how to make it “fit”.

This a Zoom meeting. Register for the meeting here.

Linda is teaching an in-person class on Saturday, January 29 titled “Borders”. To learn more click here.

More About Linda

Linda Wagner has been making quilts for over 35 years and teaching quilting for over 25 years. Her personal interests gravitate to scrappy quilts.

Owning her first sewing machine while in third grade, Linda began making doll clothes, then moved on to making clothes for herself and other family members.  While in college she earned a dressmaker’s certification from Santa Ana College.  Linda’s first quilt was made using Eleanor Burns techniques, which included ripping strips (this was before the rotary cutter was invented). Things took off at warp speed after joining a quilt guild. Many of Linda’s quilts contain 100-400 fabrics, and her friends describe her approach to color as fearless.

Currently Linda is a lead mechanic with United Airlines. She previously taught electronics and is a N.A.T.S. certified teacher.

Check out her website at

As in past years, there will be no guest speaker at the December meeting. Instead, plan to celebrate together for the first in-person general meeting in two years! This will be a social event in appreciation of all loyal guild members.

There will be a “White Elephant Gift Exchange”. Find a special something, quilting or sewing related, or not, and wrap it up. Gift value between $5 and $10 is suggested. Don’t put your name on it.

Door prizes and goody bags will also be a part of the celebration. It will be a FUN time to reconnect with members!

Sorry, no refreshments will be served.

This will be an in-person event. This event will not be broadcasted over Zoom. The Centre Concord requires all participants wear masks.

7:00 pm
Centre Concord
5298 Clayton Road, Concord


Jenni Smith

Jenni is the first person ever to have produced a quilting book in collaboration with Liberty London – the iconic British Brand renowned for their beautiful fabrics including Tana Lawn. Her presentation is about the making of this book, released in 2021. It’s a practical quilt book with 15 projects to make, but it also includes insights into the fascinating history of Liberty and what makes their prints so extraordinary.

Liberty as a company is 145 years old and Jenni is an Art Historian by trade, so each quilt in the book represents a decade in the history of one of the world’s most famous fabric manufacturers.  The book took over two years to produce and Jenni will share some of the dramas, laughter, and tears encountered along the way. Her passion for Liberty is infectious and you will gain new insights into this global brand.

Register for the meeting here.

More About Jenni

Jenni Smith is a UK-based pattern designer and author. Her online video tutorials are loved by makers worldwide. She is very passionate about getting people started on their dressmaking and quilting journeys with her fun, energetic and down-to- earth approach to teaching.

Check out her website at

Where to find Liberty Fabrics online:


Cheryl Sleboda

Learn all about e-textile and soft circuit technology and see some of the amazing things fashion students and artists are creating. This technology has made the jump into the fiber art world, including quilts! See how easy it is to include this technology in your work. You don’t have to be an engineer… just be ready to be on the cutting edge of the fashion/quilting and textile worlds! Enjoy a one hour PowerPoint presentation on the basics of e-textiles, including some stunning work by students and artists, followed by a trunk show of Cheryl’s e-textile quilts!

Register for the meeting here.

Cheryl is teaching a class on Saturday, October 30 titled “Light Up an Artist Trading Card”. To learn more click here.

More About Cheryl

Cheryl is full-time quilter and fiber artist who loves heirloom sewing techniques made modern. Texture. Technology. Textiles. Teacher.  These are the things that identify the many aspects of her sewing career.  Her work includes fabric manipulations to raise the surface of my quilts and is often small… think 6 inches square. She works with vintage linens and the modern quilt and art quilt movements. Basically, not your grandmother’s quilter!

She has a DVD called “Heirloom Sewing Techniques for Today’s Quilter”, and has appeared many times on Quilting Arts TV and It’s Sew Easy TV.

Cheryl learned to sew from her grade school Home Economics classes, and is primarily self taught after that. She went to school for theater and costuming. She taught herself to quilt in 1997 with a block of the month kit and has not looked back!

Check out her website at


Julia Fikse

This interactive, fun, and informative lecture will teach quilters the value of appraisals and answer the question, “Should I get my quilt appraised?” Included in this lecture is information about how to care for and repair quilts. Then, enjoy looking at quilts through the ages with Julia’s collection of quilts from 1860- present with an  interactive discussion about fabric dating, condition and caring for your quilt and the historical significance of quilting past and present. 

Register for the meeting here.

More About Julia

Julia Fikse is the Quilt Ninja®

Julia Fikse has 25 years of experience in the textile industry as a designer, garment maker, textile creator, graphic artist, entrepreneur, clothing and accessory manufacturer, and business leader. Julia has a B.S. Degree in Design from the University of California at Davis, with a minor in Textiles and Clothing. She has trained and worked as a trend forecaster, designer, colorist and dye coordinator at Levi Strauss and Co., Gymboree, and Adidas. She has owned and operated her own clothing company for over 14 years. Julia is an AQS Certified quilt appraiser based in Los Angeles, CA, and currently holds memberships in a variety of quilt-related organizations including American Quilter Society,  Modern Quilt Guild, Valley Modern Quilters, San Fernando Valley Quilter’s Association,  PAAQT and American Quilter’s Society. 

Check out her website at


Colleen Wise

My quilts are distinctive for their illusion of depth. I love to play with three dimensions! Objects such as leaves or planets appear to float above a two-dimensional surface. I have a virtual toolbox full of tools I use to create that depth, and I will bring a big trunk full of quilts or slides to illustrate the results.

Register for the meeting here.

Colleen is teaching a class, Saturday, August 28 – Emerald City. To learn more click here.

More about Colleen

Colleen’s education is in engineering, and her quilts reflect that in their strong graphic quality.  Creating designs and solving problems are her favorite parts of the process; cutting, sewing, and pressing are just the means to the end.  She loves to incorporate a sense of depth in her work; leaves float, balls protrude, hands seem to reach out. She has developed a strong style through her experiments in surface design.

Her quilts have won prizes in national and international shows.  She is the author of Casting Shadows: Creating Visual Dimension in Your Quilts (C&T Publishing), and she has appeared on several episodes of Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts.  Colleen teaches, lectures and exhibits her work throughout the US.

Check out her website


Krista Moser

Krista Moser is the designer of the Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond Ruler and Mini Ruler. She has published more than 20 patterns with more on the way! She has been teaching sewing and quilting lessons for more than 25 years. Join us and learn all the tips and tricks for cutting and piecing diamonds, triangles and hexagons in an easy and fast way.

Register for the meeting here.

Krista is teaching a class Saturday, July 24 – Wreath Quilt Sampler to learn more click here.

More about Krista

Krista Moser is the creative force and inspiration behind The Quilted Life. A quilting and fiber arts enthusiast, she started sewing at 8 years old sneaking off to the sewing machine during her Mom’s nap time. Since she couldn’t read patterns, everything was made from her imagination propelling the creativity and the innovative design she is known for today. She began her professional sewing and machine quilting career at the spunky age of fourteen adding the texture and dimension machine quilting brings to every project.
She has been teaching sewing and quilting lessons for more than twenty years. Her work has been featured in quilting magazines, published by Martingale Press, and hung in prominent quilt shops around the country.

It’s probably genetic 😉 and the Grandma’s would be proud. What a life, this Quilted Life is, and what a joy to share the journey!

Check out her website

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