General Meetings


Colleen Wise

My quilts are distinctive for their illusion of depth. I love to play with three dimensions! Objects such as leaves or planets appear to float above a two-dimensional surface. I have a virtual toolbox full of tools I use to create that depth, and I will bring a big trunk full of quilts or slides to illustrate the results.

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Colleen is teaching a class, Saturday, August 28 – Emerald City. To learn more click here.

More about Colleen

Colleen’s education is in engineering, and her quilts reflect that in their strong graphic quality.  Creating designs and solving problems are her favorite parts of the process; cutting, sewing, and pressing are just the means to the end.  She loves to incorporate a sense of depth in her work; leaves float, balls protrude, hands seem to reach out. She has developed a strong style through her experiments in surface design.

Her quilts have won prizes in national and international shows.  She is the author of Casting Shadows: Creating Visual Dimension in Your Quilts (C&T Publishing), and she has appeared on several episodes of Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts.  Colleen teaches, lectures and exhibits her work throughout the US.

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Julia Fiske

Julia Fikse’s one hour interactive, fun, and informative lecture will teach quilters the value of appraisals and answer the question, “Should I get my quilt appraised?” Included in this lecture is information about how to care for and repair quilts. Then, enjoy looking at quilts through the ages with Julia’s collection of quilts from 1860- present with an  interactive discussion about fabric dating, condition and caring for your quilt and the historical significance of quilting past and present. 

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More About Julia

Julia Fikse is the Quilt Ninja®

Julia Fikse has 25 years of experience in the textile industry as a designer, garment maker, textile creator, graphic artist, entrepreneur, clothing and accessory manufacturer, and business leader. Julia has a B.S. Degree in Design from the University of California at Davis, with a minor in Textiles and Clothing. She has trained and worked as a trend forecaster, designer, colorist and dye coordinator at Levi Strauss and Co., Gymboree, and Adidas. She has owned and operated her own clothing company for over 14 years. Julia is an AQS Certified quilt appraiser based in Los Angeles, CA,and currently holds memberships in a variety of quilt-related organizations including American Quilter Society,  Modern Quilt Guild, Valley Modern Quilters, San Fernando Valley Quilter’s Association,  PAAQT and American Quilter’s Society. 

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Cheryl Sleboda

Learn all about e-textile and soft circuit technology and see some of the amazing things fashion students and artists are creating. This technology has made the jump into the fiber art world, including quilts! See how easy it is to include this technology in your work. You don’t have to be an engineer… just be ready to be on the cutting edge of the fashion/quilting and textile worlds! Enjoy a one hour PowerPoint presentation on the basics of e-textiles, including some stunning work by students and artists, followed by a trunk show of Cheryl’s e-textile quilts!

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Cheryl is teaching a class, Saturday, October 30 – Light Up an Artist Trading Card. To learn more click here.

More About Cheryl

Cheryl is full-time quilter and fiber artist who loves heirloom sewing techniques made modern. Texture. Technology. Textiles. Teacher.  These are the things that identify the many aspects of her sewing career.  Her work includes fabric manipulations to raise the surface of my quilts and is often small… think 6 inches square. She works with vintage linens and the modern quilt and art quilt movements. Basically, not your grandmother’s quilter!

She has a DVD called “Heirloom Sewing Techniques for Today’s Quilter”, and has appeared many times on Quilting Arts TV and It’s Sew Easy TV.

Cheryl learned to sew from her grade school Home Economics classes, and is primarily self taught after that. She went to school for theater and costuming. She taught herself to quilt in 1997 with a block of the month kit and has not looked back!

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