with Kathy Schmitz
Saturday, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

The classic log cabin block is very organized, neat, and predictable. The wonky log cabin block is… more free-spirited! 

The classic log cabin block starts with a square red center piece, representing the warmth of the fireplace, the heart of a cabin.  The wonky version starts with your choice of a 3-, 4-, or 5-sided wonky center… in ANY color you choose that will coordinate with your logs to get the look you want.  The “logs” surrounding your center won’t be the classic same-width rectangles, but straight-sided “sloped rectangles,” likely with one end wider than the other.  The blocks are still built from the center out in a clockwise rotation, but trimmed in a wonky way as we go, so the finished blocks have a casual, energetic look to them!

Although log cabin blocks, even wonky ones, can be made using foundation piecing, this class will show you how to piece them without a foundation. The goal is to finish at least three 9” square blocks in the class so you can try all 3-, 4-, and 5-sided centers.  The technique for building out from the center is the same for each, so whatever doesn’t get done in class can be finished at home.  There’s no pattern to buy.  We’ll just have class instructions and tips/tricks. 

This workshop would be appropriate for beginning quilters, and fun for those at higher skill levels, too. It is based on techniques presented in “Cut-Loose Quilts” by Jan Mullen (C&T Publishing, 2001), specifically the chapter called “Mainly Logz.” 

This class may be held in-person or as a Zoom event, depending on the number of participants and at the discretion of the workshop chair. If held on Zoom, it will be a live event only available during the scheduled class time.

Register for the workshop here.

AT HOME PREPARATION (this will save class time and space):

From your stash, choose a variety of fabrics from a few color families, ranging from light shades to darker shades, and cut into straight strips 2”-2 ½”-ish wide, meaning they can be a little wider or narrower… our first step toward wonky! Leave long strips long, to be shortened as needed in class, and bring any short strips (4”-ish) in that width range. Also bring a few slightly larger pieces, at least 3”x3”, to be cut for wonky centers in class. Organize the fabric by color families.


• The fabric strips and pieces you precut at home, described above.

• Sewing machine and controls. You’ll be making ¼” seams, so a quarter inch foot might be helpful.

• Thread and one or two bobbins in a neutral color to blend with your fabrics (for seaming).

• Rotary cutter and a fabric scissors

• Cutting mat at least 10” square

• Quilting ruler at least 12” long (6”x12” is ideal… easy to transport and use for trimming)

• Quilting ruler at least 10” square (for checking the size of your block-in-process and squaring at the end)

• Small or standard iron and a pressing surface, if you have (or can borrow) them, for pressing seams to one side… there will be a lot of that! If we’re able to be at the Farmhouse, the ironing boards and irons may be in high demand. If we’re on Zoom, have your iron and ironing board close by.

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