Detail from 2021 Opportunity Quilt
Midnight Garden”

The quilt show held in April 2021 was like no other, at the end of a year that was like no other.

Restrictions on gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused the 2020 show to be cancelled and for the guild to pivot to virtual meetings. Thanks to the leadership and skills of the GQCCC president, Doreen O’Brien, the 2021 show was presented as a beautiful website. Visitors were able to scroll through the entries at their leisure and vote for their favorite quilts online. The website will stay live indefinitely as a record of this unusual year. Visit the site at

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79″ X 61″

The Opportunity Quilt Chair, Taryn Doidge, wanted to honor the tradition of past GQCCC Opportunity Quilts by focusing on handwork. She chose a pattern that highlighted needle turn appliqué and gave space to show off hand quilting. The design team mulled over the pattern and felt something was missing. The team wanted bright colors for the flowers and loved the idea of using batiks. It was then decided. The team turned to the dark side. Instead of using the neutral background that the pattern called for, black was chosen letting the colors of the flowers pop.

Opportunity Quilt Chair
Taryn Doidge

Pattern Information
Wildflowers Block of The Month, designed by Lydia Quigley. Pattern purchased and donated by Guild member Terry McNally.

Fabric Selection
Kelly Doidge, Taryn Doidge, Dianne Slattery and Kathy Tedesco. 

Helen Anderson, Kathy Callahan, Cindy Greco, Monica Kaseman, Sharon Mazanec, Audrey McInerney, Claire McIvor, Myrna Rutkas, Jackie Seidell, Dianne Slattery, Beverly Spurs, Kathy Tedesco 

Kathy Tedesco appliquéd 50 of the 150 hours.

Diana Carmean, Kelly Doidge, Taryn Doidge, Claire McIvor, Doreen O’Brien, Wanda Reyenga, Erica Riekki, Dianne Slattery, Aneta Sperber, Beverly Spurs, Becky Styles, Kathy Tedesco, Nancy Van Meter.

The quilt required 282 hours for design and final assembly of this spectacular quilt.

Hand Quilting
Kathy Callahan, Melissa Cardinet, Ellie Conley, Pat DeRushia, Taryn Doidge, Ranny Frank, Ann Gimbel, Elizabeth Huff, Terry McNally, Kerry O’Brien, Cathy Sargent, Mary Pimentel-Wheeler Melissa Cardinet

Melissa Cardinet hand quilted 200 of the 375 hours.

Becky Styles

100% Cotton fabrics. Hobbs 80/20 (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester) Black Batting

Needle turn appliqué, hand quilted, pieced

Raffle Winner
Doris Weinstein

Best of Show, Original Design
“Life on the Food Chain” by Valerie M. Sauban

Hand Quilted
“Heritage Hexagon” by Elizabeth Huff

“Inky’s Garden” by Kathy Callahan

Creative Item
“Rocky the Rhino” by Jennifer Church

Machine Quilted
“Sizzle” by Tammy Zanella

Original Design
“Life on the Food Chain” by Valerie M. Sauban

Pieced Quilt
“Mood Indigo” by Sally Morris

Turn to the Darkside” Challenge
“Koi Pond” by Beverly Spurs

Pass the Envelope Challenge
“Hopscotch” by Fran McNamee

Best Featured Quilt
“Windmill” by Aileyn Ecob and Jean Jurgenson
“Globe Thistle” by Aileyn Ecob
“Blue Stone” by Jean Jurgenson

Aileyn Renli Ecob and Jean Renli Jurgenson have excelled at creating spectacular fine art quilts. Aileyn focuses on nature and the soft curves and circles she sees in the beauty of foliage in the world around her. Jean focuses on the edges and lines of perspective that architecture and man-made structures bring to the communities of people.

These talented quilters are former members of our guild and are active with Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA). They have shown their quilts at Pacific International Quilt Festival and many other judged shows and exhibits.