2019 Opportunity Quilt
Raynell’s Beautiful Bees

April 6 and 7, 2019

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Quilt Show Chairs: Mary Pimentel-Wheeler and Jill Orr

2019 Opportunity Quilt

Raynell’s Beautiful Bees

79″ X 97″

A handmade quilt becomes an heirloom because the creator stitches so much of themselves into the work. Raynell Coleman brought together the design, colors, and people to begin work on this quilt. Her dear friend, Dianne Slattery, and many others in the guild, completed work on the quilt when Raynell became ill. She was able to see here vision come to life before her passing. The quilt was graciously given to Raynell’s daughter by the raffle winner, and remains as an heirloom in their family.

Opportunity Quilt Chairs
Raynell Coleman and Diane Slattery

Pattern Information
The design was adapted from “Swarms of Summer” by Sherri Bain Driver and Barbara Tone Lister, published in American Quilter, Summer 2007. The adaptation from the original pattern was drawn by Raynell Coleman, with input from various guild members.

Fabric Selection
The fabric for the nine-patch floral blocks, and bee wings and bodies, were primarily donated by guild members. The quilt backing, and blue for borders and bee block centers, were ordered online from Missouri Star Quilt Company, because we could not find enough in our local stores.

Block Construction
Ten guild members completed the 77 paper-pieced bees, and the 19 floral nine patch blocks. The work took about 100 hours

Bee heads were appliqued, and antennae were embroidered by three guild members for 36 hours.

The layout and assembly of the quilt top took 5 people 90 hours.

Hand Quilting
Fifteen guild members spent 407 hours hand quilting.

The quilt require a total of 668 hours to complete all piecing, appliqué, embroidery, quilting and finishing.

100% cotton fabric and Quilter’s Dream Wool batting.

Paper-piecing, appliqué, and hand quilting.

Raffle Winner
Susan Pilieri, who gifted the quilt to Raynell’s daughter Shirley.

2019 Viewer's Choice Winners

Best of Show
“In the Mist on Rainy Pass” by Shirley Lewis-Stolen

Creative Item
“Beaded Dragon Vest” by Cynthia Bane Mammon

“Bee” Challenge
“A Closer Look” by Janelle Pena

Pass the Envelope Challenge
“Cousin Lizzie” by Phyllis Nishimori

2019 Judged Winners

Adult First Quilt
1st Place – “Oma and Opa’s Sunshine Angel” by Gwen Ehrlich
2nd Place – “2018 Mystery Quilt Project” by Cathy Sargent

1st Place – “Be Ribboned Wreaths” by Cynthia Bane Mammon
2nd Place – “Bug-A-Lot” by Cindy Greco

Creative Item
1st Place – “Garden Flowers Purse” by Dale Wolfe
2nd Place – “Beaded Dragon Vest” by Cynthia Bane Mammon

Hand Quilted
1st Place – “Angel’s Trumpet” by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – “Lattice Star” by Elizabeth Huff

Machine Quilted
1st Place – “Christmas Morning Delight” by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – “Crayons” by Barbara Beil

Mixed Techniques
1st Place – “The Whole Hive” by Shirley Wilson
2nd Place – “In the Mist on Rainy Pass” by Shirley Lewis-Stolen

Original Design
1st Place – “Sea Horses Tie the Knot” by Valerie Sauban
2nd Place – “Queen Bee Aggie” by Phyllis Nishimori

1st Place – “Big Red” by Jackie Seidell
2nd Place – “Cartwheel Costa Rica” by Ellie Conlie

2019 Featured Artist
“Elements” by Sandy Klopp

Sandy Klop


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