Detail from 2018 Opportunity Quilt
Tile Tango

April 7 and 8, 2018

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Quilt Show Chairs: Mary Pimentel-Wheeler and Jill Orr

2018 Opportunity Quilt

Tile Tango

66″ X 66″

At the first meeting of the Design/Assembly team we looked at various pattern ideas and then surfed the web. Jackie suggested one of her favorite designers, Becky Goldsmith, so we went to her website. When the picture for “Tile Tango” came up there was a little gasp from each of us and the search ended… we had found our quilt! We decided to stay with the blues and purples that the designer had used. We put a call out to guild members for fabrics and received such a good response that we only needed to purchase the white background, blue polka dot and backing fabric. The quilt was lovingly hand quilted for many months before “traveling” to numerous other guild meetings to sell tickets.

Opportunity Quilt Chair
Monica Kaseman

Pattern Information
From a quilt featured in the book “The Quilter’s Practical Guide To Color” by Becky Goldsmith. Permission for use of the design granted by the author.

Design/Fabric Selection/Assembly
Valerie Sauban, Jackie Seidell, Dale Wolfe, Tammy Zanella

Hand Appliqué
Joan Beall, Margaret Bender, Maryann Bowers, Sandy Butner, Kathy Callahan, Cindy Greco, Monica Kaseman, Sharon Mazanec, Audrey McInerney, Claire McIvor, Jill Orr, Jackie Seidell, Reba Siero, Beverly Spurs, Louise Tanno, Tammy Zanella

The quilt required 197 hours to hand appliqué.

Hand Quilting
Raynell Coleman, Pat De Rushia, Heide Dressler, Ranny Frank, Eva Lee, Marian Wohlfrom

The quilt required 266 hours to hand quilt.

Monica Kaseman

100% cotton fabric and Quilter’s Dream Wool batting.

Hand quilted and hand appliquéd

Raffle Winner
Kate Ahearn

2018 Viewer's Choice Winners

Best of Show
“Baskets” by Jackie Seidell

Creative Item
“Asymmetrical” by Michelle Bogovich

Pass the Envelope Challenge
“Balance” by Valerie Sauban

“Polka Dotty” Challenge
“Henrietta” by Phyllis Nishimori

2018 Judged Winners

Adult First Quilt
1st Place – “My First Quilt” by Kelly Doidge
2nd Place – “Trip Around the Sun” by Jeff Slattery

1st Place – “Baltimore Autumn” by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – “Sweet Tweets” by Cynthia Bane Mammon

Creative Item
1st Place – “Handkerchief Cushion” by Beverley Spurs
2nd Place – “Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down” by Kitty Nowack

Hand Quilted
1st Place – “Ginger Jars” by Beverly Spurs
2nd Place – “How the Elephant Got Its Trunk” by Louise Follett

Machine Quilted
1st Place – “Raindrops” by Bobbie Whitlock
2nd Place – “Heritage” by Cindy Greco

1st Place – “Baskets” by Jackie Seidell
2nd Place – “French Doors” by Bobbie Whitlock

Original Design
1st Place – “Mouse Trap” by Joan Barker
2nd Place – “Golden Gate Bridge” by Louise Tanno

1st Place – “Eyes Wide Open” by Loretta Jones
2nd Place – “Fractured Dresden Plate” by Ellie Conley

2018 Featured Artist
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