2017 Opportunity Quilt
Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

April 1 and 2, 2017

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Quilt Show Chairs: Dale Wolfe and Donna Brooks

2017 Opportunity Quilt

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

85″ X 85″

Opportunity Quilt Chair
Ann Gimbel

Pattern Information
The pattern originated from the book “Fan Quilts” by Marion L. Maerke and M. Carol Schiaffino, published by American School of Needlework. The name of the quilt is derived from the term used to describe a group of butterflies.

Fabric Selection
Heide Dressler, Jill Orr and Ann Gimbel.

Butterfly wings were sewn by Wanda Reyenga, Waunell Michels, Valerie Sauban, Nancy Ritter, Patsy Ronat, Aggie Vecchio, Valeria Furtado, Donna Brooks and Sharyn Owens.  

The butterfly bodies were appliquéd by Kathy Callahan, Leslie Finta and Ann Gimbel.

The butterfly antennae were embroidered by Eva Lee and Louise Tanno.

Hand Quilting
Raynell Coleman, Heide Dressler, Clair McIvor, Marian Wolfrom, Pat DeRushia, Ranny Frank and others.

The hand quilters designed and stitched over a 9 month period and 199 hours to complete the delicate hand quilting.

100% cotton fabric and Quilter’s Dream Wool batting.

Hand quilted and hand appliquéd.

Raffle Winner
Jim Tanno, whose wife Louise was one of the main designers of the quilt. They donated the quilt to the Ruby Slippers Gala event that raises money for Innerfaith Housing.

The quilt required a total of 280 hours volunteered by members to plan, organize, piece, appliqué, embroider, assemble, bind, mark and hand quilt.

2017 Viewer's Choice Winners

Best of Show
“Prairie Gathering Lodge” by Anita Mingham

Adult First Quilt
1st Place – “Tiger Lilies” by Jaque Edgett
2nd Place – “Sunburnt Zebra” by Genette Lee

All Other Techniques
1st Place – “Prairie Gathering Lodge” by Anita Mingham
2nd Place – “Little Yo-Yos” by Margo Spack

Group Quilt
1st Place – “Nancy’s Folly” by Nancy Ritter
2nd Place – “Oh My Stars!” by Barbara Beil

Hand Appliqué
1st Place – “French Doors” by Ellie Conley
2nd Place – “Leaves” by Jackie Seidell

Hand – Two or More Techniques
1st Place – “Blooms of Spring” by Louise Tanno
2nd Place – “Rainbow Braid” by Raynell Coleman

Hand Quilted
1st Place – “Butterflies and Blossoms” by Beverly Spurs
2nd Place – “One for My Son” by Elizabeth Huff

Home Use Item
1st Place – “Ms. Bindweed’s Boots” by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – “Bluebird Pillow” by Louise Tanno

1st Place – “Merry Christmas” by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – “Twister Bunny” by Loretta Jones

Machine – Two or More Techniques
1st Place – “Wind in the Whiskers” by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – “Shades of Baltimore” Album by Cindy Greco

Machine Quilted
1st Place – “Zinnia Daybreak Hosta” by Carmen Franklin
2nd Place – “Blue Dog” by Birgit Knuth

1st Place – “King of the Roost” by S. Jane Powell
2nd Place – “Hanky Quilt of Memories” by Jeanne Marie Roberts

1st Place – “The Back is More Interesting” by Mary Pimentel-Wheeler
2nd Place – “Hoppie’s Butterflies” by Sandy Butner

Original Design
1st Place – “Leftovers” by Valerie Sauban
2nd Place – “Elegant Clarkia” by Valerie Sauban

Wearable and Accessories
1st Place – “Flying Geese Sweatshirt” by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – “Scottie” by Ellen Heathcote

Pass the Envelope/Fabric Telephone
1st Place – “Golden Gate Sunset” by Fran McNamee
2nd Place – “Crab Shack” by Birgit Knuth

Aloha” Challenge
“Penguins Go To Hawaii” by Kathy Callahan

2017 Featured Artist

Nancy S. Brown


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