Detail from 2016 Opportunity Quilt
Poppy Fields Forever

April 1 and 2, 2016

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Quilt Show Chair: Dale Wolfe

2016 Opportunity Quilt

Poppy Fields Forever

80″ X 95″

Opportunity Quilt Chair
Tammy Zanella

Pattern Information
Based on the Mountain Mist pattern “Painted Poppies”.

Design and Fabric Selection
Tammy Zanella, Dale Wolfe, Jackie Seidell, and Valerie Sauban.

Joan Beall, Ann Gimbel, Bev Spurs, Myrna Rutkas, Barb Shates, Jackie Seidell, Kathy Callahan, Sandy Butner.

136 hours of appliqué was required for this quilt.

Assembly and Marking
Jackie Seidell and Tammy Zanella

8 hours were required to assemble and mark this quilt.

Hand Quilting
Maryann Bower, Raynell Coleman, Pat DeRushia, Heidi Dressler, Ranny Frank, Eva Lee, Claire McIvor, Marian Wolfram

The hand quilters designed and stitched over a nine-month period and 387 hours to complete the delicate hand quilting.

100% cotton fabric and Quilter’s Dream Wool batting. The background and backing fabric is Pepper Cory’s shot cotton

Hand quilted and hand appliquéd.

Raffle Winner
Gerene Sayre

2016 Viewer's Choice Winners

Best of Show
“Dana’s Wedding Quilt” by Ann Gimbel

1st Place – “Floral Fling” by Wanda Reyenga
2nd Place – “Pink Tote” by Louise Tanno

Adult First Quilt
1st Place – “Mt Diablo in Winter” by Pamela Rogers
2nd Place – “My Monstrosity” by Taryn Doidge

All Other Techniques
1st Place – “General’s Star” by Tish Marshall
2nd Place – “Christmas Trees” by Nancy Ritter

Group Quilt
1st Place – “Round Robin 2013” by Susan Swindell
2nd Place – “Mission San Juan Bautista” by Felicia Ahluwalia

Hand Appliqué
1st Place – “Dana’s Wedding Quilt” by Ann Gimbel
2nd Place – “Catch a Christmas Star” by Marlene Wunder

Hand – Two or More Techniques
1st Place – “Garden Party” by Cindy Greco
2nd Place – “My Stars” by Raynell Coleman

Hand Quilted
1st Place – “My Liberated Log Cabin” by Jackie Seidell
2nd Place – “Sweet & Simple” by Elizabeth Huff

Home Use Item
1st Place – “Stormy Seas” by Karen Morones
2nd Place – “Card Trick” by Birgit Knuth

Kit Quilt or Item
1st Place – “Bright Squares” by Daryl Lynn Harvey
2nd Place – “Phillip’s Secret Garden” by Linda Luks

Machine Appliqué
1st Place – “Gingerbread Lane” – Cindy Greco

Machine Quilted
1st Place – “Flowers” by Leslie Finta
2nd Place – “Perennial Stars” by Nancy Ritter

Machine – Two or More Techniques
1st Place – “Life’s a Beach” by Holly Oddson
2nd Place – “Bugs” by Jo Mathies

1st Place – “Mini Rainbow Swoon” by Felicia Ahluwalia
2nd Place – “Up in the Sky” by Felicia Ahluwalia

1st Place – “Cross and Crown” by Jackie Seidell
2nd Place – “Poppies” by Karen Morones

Original Design
1st Place – “Peppers From My Garden” by Joan Barker
2nd Place – “Asian Motif” by Marnie Brennan

Wearable Art
1st Place – “In Full Bloom” by Michele Bogovich
2nd Place – “Whimsy” by Holly Oddson

Pass the Envelope Challenge
1st Place – “Le Chat” by Phyllis Nishimori
2nd Place – “Paris Lights” by Chris Lee

2016 Featured Artist

GQCCC Member Appliquérs – Kathy Callahan, Ann Gimbel, Jackie Seidell, and Beverly Spurs

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