Dancing with the Stars

98″ X 98″

Opportunity Quilt Chair
Claire McIvor

Pattern Information
From the pattern “Dancing Rings” by Sue Christensen in McCall’s, 2000.

Valeria Furtado, Terry McNally, Waunell Michels, Holly Oddson, Valerie Sauban, Jackie Seidell, Beverly Spurs, Dale Wolfe and Tammy Zanella.

120 hours of piecing was required for this quilt.

15 hours by Beverly Spurs.

Hand Quilting
Raynell Coleman, Pat DeRushia, Heide Dressler, Linda Elder, Ranny Frank, Claire McIvor, Marian Wohlfram.

265 hours of hand quilting were required for this quilt.

Raffle Winner
Kathy Berger