The Quilt Show is just a week away. Hope to see all of you there. Thank you to all who have signed up to work and have entered quilts. It should be a great show!

The nominating committee found three great volunteers for the office vacancies coming up. Melissa Gerber will run for recording secretary; Nancy Van Meter will run for 2nd vice president; and Eileen Limberg will run for treasurer. Elections will be at the May meeting.

If you have any experience with hand quilting, even if limited, the hand quilters need you. The hand quilters are dwindling in numbers and we’re known for our hand quilted quilts. Please contact Dianne Slattery if you think you can help.

Remember GQCCC is only as strong as the weakest member, so please step up to be a strong member.

See you at the Quilt Show.
Becky Styles

President 2017-2019

Hi Everyone

It’s time to get ready for the Quilt Show. April is just around the corner!

At the March meeting, all Board members and Quilt Show Committee chairs will be wearing their Guild aprons. If you have a question, just ask a person with an apron. If you are volunteering to work at the Quilt Show, you need to be wearing an apron. The apron should be a neutral beige color (natural color) with a weathervane block. There are three versions of the pattern on our website (Under Quilt show — Volunteer Opportunities). In addition if you want to buy a block already made, Valleria Furtado sells weathervane blocks at the Guild meeting.

By the way, there are still volunteer positions open for the Quilt Show. If you haven’t signed up, please do so at the March meeting.

Raynell Coleman’s quilting supplies are in the Farmhouse (plus another donation) for you to take what you want. Whatever is left after March 9, will be disposed of in one way or another.

As a Guild, we made 79 blocks that Dale Wolfe sent to the Ventura Quilt Guild for the Thomas fire victims. Thanks to all of you that made blocks. You can still make blocks and bring to the March meeting.

Make sure your Quilt Show entries are in by March 12.   Happy Quilting!

Becky Styles
President 2017-2019

Hi Everyone

It is a new year and we have a lot of quilting ahead of us.

Erica Riekki has stepped forward to take over the position of Farmhouse Manager. If you want to know anything about the Farmhouse, call Erica. Thank you, Erica.

Please remember to make one (or many more) blocks for the Thomas Fire Victims. There’s an article from Dale Wolfe with more information in this newsletter. It’s an easy block. Let’s see how many we can produce for the fire victims.

Remember the Quilt Show is just two and half months away. Hopefully you’re working on your entry for show. Also remember to volunteer to help work the show. All hands on deck for a great show!

After many years, Ellen Heathcote is stepping down as Patriotic Chair after the Quilt Show. If you have an interest in this area, please talk to Ellen.

In addition, we will have three board positions up for election in May. The treasurer, second vice-president, and recording secretary positions are available. We have procedure manuals for the positions and the outgoing officers are willing to help with the transition. We also need people to help nominate good qualified people for these positions. This is really two-pronged request: if you are interested in any of these positions or helping with nominations, please contact me. Or least don’t say no when I call you!!

Stay dry during the rain and keep on quilting.

Becky Styles
President 2017-2019

Hi Everyone

Tis the season to be jolly! Please join us at the December 18 meeting for a holiday social gathering. We’ll have singing entertainment, fun and games, food. Bring finger food to share.

Your Secret Quilter will be revealed at the December meeting. There apparently was some confusion concerning my comments about a thank you note or gift for whoever has your name. It’s your choice but I think at least a thank you note would be appropriate.

If you want to make a personal donation to our Christmas charity choice, please make your check out to the Elderly Wish Foundation. There will be an envelope at the sign in table at the December meeting.

Patsy Ronat has agreed to be the Traveling Opportunity Quilt chair for the 2019 quilt. Thank you, Patsy, for volunteering.

I know it seems a long way off but we do need a chair to design and coordinate the 2020 (yes, 2020!). If you have some good ideas or would be interested in helping, please let me know.

Here’s to a very happy holiday season to all of you.

Becky Styles

President 2017-2019

Welcome to the month of November. I missed the October meeting because I was on vacation on a New England cruise from New York City to Quebec. Beautiful countryside and so different than the California landscape.

Congratulations to Betty Berg for having her beautiful quilt included in the just-released C&T book, “One- Block Wonders of the World,” by M. Rosenthal & L. Bardes. They even included her photo! So nice to have one of our talented members recognized in print. Hurray, Betty!

We were informed that we cannot make blood donations in Raynell’s name at the local blood banks. However, please know that any donation you make helps someone in need of life-saving blood. While your donation cannot be designated for Raynell directly, it does help to replenish the stock of blood that is being used up for her treatments, and is greatly appreciated. Please consider donating blood even if it can’t be done in the way we want it.

The 2018 Quilt Show is just around the corner. The Country Store is looking for hand crafted items to be donated. The Country Store has plenty of fabric but any cute item that makes the CS look like a fancy boutique is always helpful and appreciated.

The board decided the Guild’s annual Christmas donation will be to the Elderly Wish Foundation. Their mission is to grant wishes to seniors, 50 years and older, who have a life-threatening or chronic illness in Contra Costa County. The website is https:// We will be collecting donations from members at the November and December meetings, and the Guild will make a $250 donation to the foundation. If you wish to donate, please make the check out to “An Elderly Wish Foundation,” and place it in the box at the Sign In table at our next general meetings.

Have a fun month and if you wish, get sewing on all those cute items for the Country Store.
Becky Styles

President 2017-2019

A big thank you to Monica Kaseman and the 24 Guild members who sold tickets at Alden Lane last weekend. Everyone had fun and we made a lot of money for the Opportunity Quilt.

If anyone would like to help schedule the showing of the 2019 Opportunity Quilt, Monica has lots of good notes to help you do this job. Please contact Dianne Slattery or me if you have an inkling to help.

Enjoy the meetings and take advantage of all the Guild has to offer members.

Don’t forget your Secret Pal Quilter gift for the October meeting.

If you haven’t picked up your directory and Guild card, please do so at the October general meeting. See you there October 16, 2017.

Becky Styles
President 2017-2019

First, a huge thank you to our five demonstrators (Kathy Callahan, Birgit Knuth, Phyllis Nishimori, Mary Pimentel-Wheeler, and Mary Stockler) at the August meeting. It was a great way to learn new techniques. Don’t miss this meeting next year!

Linda Darnsteadt, a Guild member, had a photo of her “Cabins at the Lake” quilt in the Fons and Porter’s “Love of Quilting” July/ August 2017 magazine in the Sew & Tell section. Congratulations on the recognition.

Also in Mary Fons’ latest blog, our Guild was actually mentioned, The Quilt Scout: In Praise of Guilds! Here’s the link:

For those of you who missed it, you can still participate in the Secret Quilter program at the September general meeting. Fill out the form, put it in the red and white bag, and at the end of the meeting, take a form out. At the August meeting, someone put one in but forgot to take a form because there was one left. Get it in September if you put a form in but do not have one now.

The board has decided to change the format of the meetings between now and the new year to see how it works. Show and Tell, book raffle, and door prizes will be done with announcements before the speaker. Remember to keep these things as brief as possible. This helps those members with transportation problems and everybody can concentrate on the speaker.

Also if you are thinking about going to the Road to California in January in Ontario, California, put your name on a card at the sign in table at the September meeting. We have two tickets to the show which were given to the Guild. We will have a raffle for these tickets.

Becky Styles
President 2017-2019

Hope you are enjoying this hot weather; I definitely am not enjoying it!! I like 80 better than 100!

The incorporation papers have been filed with the State of California and now we wait for the next step. I’ll keep you posted.

Be sure to come to the August meeting to learn some new techniques demonstrated by our members and do some socializing.

The board has decided to change the website ( password every year to protect the Guild’s internal information. In the near future, you will receive an email blast with the new password for the coming year. Once you enter this password, you’re good to go. Only has to be entered once. Watch out for this email so you don’t miss out on important information (like board minutes, treasurer’s reports, upcoming quilt shows, etc.). If for some reason you haven’t received it by September 1, check with Kathy Callahan, Jill Orr, or me to get the password.

Also in August there will be a Secret Quilter questionnaire. If you chose to participate, you fill out the form and put it in the basket. At the end of the meeting, take a form out of the basket (make sure it’s not your own form). This person will be your Secret Quilter. Each month from September through December, you will bring a present for your quilter. The present will have the name of your Secret Quilter on it and you will put it in a brown paper bag with no name. During the meeting the presents will be taken out of the bags. At the end of the meeting, you pick up your present. It is all explained in the form. This a fun thing in which to participate.

There have been some changes. Lee Zahn, Workshop Chair, is moving to Boise, Idaho. We’re sorry to see her go and appreciate her work. She found her own replacement, Diane Slattery. Diane will do a great job, also.

Maryann Carroll-Moser has agreed to schedule visiting guilds and their opportunity quilts. Thank you, Maryann.

If you want to help do something, just let us know. Remember we are a volunteer organization. Any questions call me, 672-6845.

See you at the August general meeting, August 21, 2017.

Becky Styles
President 2017-2019

Hot Fun in the Summer Block Link

Welcome to our new fiscal year. I look forward to serving as your President for the next two years. My goal is that we have fun participating in guild activities. Re-member we are a volunteer organization. Please make sure you do your part when asked.

At the July meeting there will be a vote on changing our organization from a nonprofit association to a non-profit corporation. In researching liability insurance for venues which we needed insurance, it was discovered that we could not get liability insurance to protect the officers and the guild if we were ever sued because we were not incorporated.

In October 2016 the board approved the incorporation process. An attorney has been hired to file all the paperwork and guide us through this process. This vote will be in July. An email blast will go out with more information.

Also plan on coming to the August meeting to learn a variety of new techniques demonstrated by our members. The Secret Pal Quilter activity will be introduced at this meeting, also.

See you at the July meeting.

Becky Styles
President 2017-2019

Thank you for participating in the creation of this beautiful butterfly quilt for me.

I love the bright colored patterned fabric used to make the butterflies and the great quilting using the colorful variegated thread and the great nature motif of flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and bees. All these images of nature are perfect for me.

I was so touched to receive this lovely quilt and greatly appreciative of all the work that went into making it.

Thank you so much.

Yesterday’s thank you for my beautiful butterfly quilt was to all the wonderful members of this guild, and the lovely butterfly blocks that were made.  Today is a special thank you to a few individuals:

Tammy Zanella orchestrated the entire quilt making enterprise and prepared quilt block patterns for distribution.  Along with Monica Kaseman, Valerie Sauban and Jackie Seidell, a pattern was chosen and the four of them designed the layout and sewed it all together.  A close up of the quilt highlights the interesting offset sashing arrangement that gives the illusion of butterflies flying around the quilt.

Bobbie Whitlock, quilter extraordinaire, quilted the quilt with a lovely nature pattern of butterflies, bees, dragonflies and flowers and various sizes of bubbles in the border.  The brightly colored variegated thread makes these images pop.

We have all come together around our love of quilting, making friends, learning from each other and having a good time.  The last four years of being an elected officer of the guild has been very rewarding for me, and the best part has been getting to know our members and participating in all the activities.  Thank you all for a super time!

Dale Wolfe